Special Projects

There are times in all of our lives where something or someone pulls at your heartstrings and something special has to be done.  On this page you can see what has pulled at my heartstrings and what I have done about it.  Keep kindness in your hearts and love in your life. #Backtheblue  #k9unit

On March 20, 2016 I had the privilege to honor some of the finest of Fort Worth, both men and canines.  There was a celebration of the Fort Worth Police K-9 unit and the Forth Worth Fire Department arson and bomb squad dogs as well.  With funds raised from an elite group of animal lovers there was enough to purchase top of the line, custom made bullet proof vests for all 11 canines in the K-9 unit and the 2 arson - bomb squad dogs.  In the video below you can enjoy part of the celebration.  If you would like to honor these wonderful officers' dogs that have retired from Fort Worth please donate to their care at http://www.policek9supportfortworth.org and please leave a message for them saying you heard about their cause through Kari Breen Inc. and any supporting comments you would care to leave.  As you know from following Oliver and Pudge on Facebook or from checking out their website www.oliverandpudge.com all three of us respect and feel greatly honored to have them protect us. May God bless all of our fire fighters and police officers, rather they are person or canine.